My acupuncture office is located within Arbor Vitae Yoga and Wellness Center in the Waldo neighborhood of Kansas City, MO. Just as acupuncture takes a holistic approach to medicine and considers the needs of the body as a whole, so does Arbor Vitae! Yoga, zero gravity float rooms, and infrared saunas are conveniently accessible seven days a week to  offer an integrated approach to your healthcare. Arbor Vitae is home to the offices of many other holistic specialists, including massage therapists, energy workers, and a life coach. Arbor Vitae is currently playing host to a series of ongoing workshops, kids events, donation classes, and guest speakers. There is also a meditation room, and a café that offers tea, coffee, and pastries in the facility. All of your needs can be met under one roof here at Arbor Vitae!